123dogs Racing


How can I pay for my subscription?
At the moment, the only choice of payment is through PayPal. You can use your Debit/Credit Card free of charge on PayPal site.

How can I understand ratings?
There is a help page, which explains a typical race. It can be accessed from Help location here

Do you give any tips?
We are not a tipping service, hence not providing any. But we are working on previous data we hold to see how can assist our subscribers. Stats page is a good starting point, access it from here

Any plans for improvements or new features?
We are happy to work towards any ideas our subscribers have. We are planning to add “Days since last run” on our rating.

Do you need to become a member to receive greyhound ratings?
There is no need to become a member and have to remember one more user/password (don't we already have a lot?). On receiving of payment you will be directed to rating page for the day. Should you buy a weekly subscription, then on next day you will receive a link on your inbox, where you will access rating for next 6 days.