123dogs Racing

How to read the rating

Below is a typical visual product based on greyhound times for the same distance.

A - Date, meeting and time of race.
B - Greyhound Name (trimmed to 13 characters). Pink for female/bitch.
C - Age in months.
D - Average previous trap numbers (0.0 if no previous trap. Trials not counted).
E - Data for this greyhound(i.e. times greyhound run same distance)
F - Prediction at split time(same if less than 0.08 seconds or more than 0.5 seconds[former may be due to data feed errors]).
  Calculated by averaging split times from previous races.
G - Prediction at race finish(trap numbers for official times. Calculated by averaging finish times from previous races).
  Black lines algorithmic values(5 - 10% better returns). Calculated by considering factors such as age, grade, trial, race comments etc).
H - Up class(up green arrow) or down class (down red arrow).
I - Class and distance of today's meeting.
J - Difference between fastest and slowest split times.
K - Difference between fastest and slowest (official) finish times.

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